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Dos mundos 

The text, workbook and suppplementary materials used for Natural Approach Spanish classes at Irvine Valley College are designed to guide the instructor and the students through the various stages of natural language learning. These materials are published by McGraw Hill Higher Education. See components below.
Dos mundos: comunicación y comunidad
This is the main text for class and will be used daily. Students will use this text to learn new vocabulary, engage in authentic communication, learn about the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world and read about grammar. Students need to bring their text to every class session.
Cuaderno de actividades
This workbook has audio activities, writing activities, pronunciation, spelling, Videoteca activities and readings. Activities from this workbook are done outside of class. You will be asked to bring your workbook to class at the end of each chapter when the videoteca is shown.
On the Dos mundos website you will find the laboratory audio program, vocabulary quizzes, grammar exercises, tutorials, a dictionary and more. This website is free
The Videoteca features conversational video clips from the Spanish-speaking world. The activities that correspond with the Videoteca are in the Cuaderno de actividades. 
The CD ROM has interactive vocabulary activities and reading, writing and grammar practice. The CD ROM is recommended for additional practice, but is not required.
The text: Dos mundos, the workbook: Cuaderno de actividades, the audio program on CD, and the CD ROM are all available at the IVC bookstore or online. 
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