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Professor Egasse - Bio

Professor Egasse earned her BA and MA in Spanish Linguistics from UC Irvine and also holds a Bilingual Specialist Credential for the State of California. She has traveled in Costa Rica, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.

She teaches Spanish at Irvine Valley College, a community college in the heart of Southern California. Professor Egasse has over 30 years experience teaching languages and linguistics at the college level. She taught Spanish and French in Middle School and Spanish in high school before being hired at UC Irvine in the Department of Teacher Education. From 1977 - 1980 she taught foreign language methodology courses and supervised foreign language and ESL teachers in their practicum assignment.
Since 1978 Professor Egasse has given workshops at colleges and universities on the Natural Approach to language instruction and continues to train teachers on the use of this methodology with Dos mundos. In 1980 Professor Egasse began teaching Spanish and Linguistics at Irvine Valley College and in 1995 she was awarded Irvine Valley College Teacher of the Year Award by the Orange County Department of Education.
Currently Ms. Egasse teaches first and second year university level Spanish, writes curriculum for Spanish courses, supervises adjunct faculty members, and coordinates the Spanish Language Program with her colleague Beatrice Tseng.
Professor Egasse teaches Spanish using the Natural Approach and believes that all humans, regardless of age, can acquire two or more languages. Comprehension of Spanish is the key to long term acquisition and students of Spanish must learn to be patient with their progress. Learning a new language takes a lifetime and students need not be perfect to start listening, talking, reading and writing Learners who use the Spanish they have to enjoy the language, music, food, and culture of the Spanish speaking world make far more progress towards fluency than those who choose to wait until they “know” Spanish.
Ms. Egasse is the coauthor of a widely used Spanish text, Dos mundos and is currently working on the 7th edition of this title. In addition she is coauthor of two short readers: Mundos de fantasía, fábulas, cuentos de hada y leyendas and Cocina y comidas hispanas
Ms. Egasse’s academic interests include Language Acquisition Theory, Sociolinguistics, Spanish Dialectology, Applied Linguistics, Historical Linguistics and World Languages. In her free time she enjoys swimming, gardening, hiking with her dogs, listening to Latin American roots music, and reading in the areas of linguistics, genetics, anthropology, and ethnobotany.


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