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Professor Kiyochi started teaching at IVC in July 2010. She has extensive background in Japanese language pedagogy to include pre-service and in-service teacher training, most recently with California State University, Fullerton.  Her work experience includes  research projects at the National Language Research Institute in Japan,  teaching at University of California, San Diego, and publication of educational materials.

Professor Kiyochi also has professional background in information technology. Combining both skill sets, she teaches online Japanese culture courses at IVC, JA21 and JA23.  Most recently, she served as a co-developer of a Massive Open Online Course in Foundations of Science, a project funded by Gates Foundation. She currently studies educational psychology and educational technology, focusing on differentiation and learner engagement leveraged by judicious use of technology in education.  

Her teaching is primarily based on the latest constructivist approach and gaming principles.   She considers teaching as facilitating students' learning through personal meaning making and social interactions, instead of top-down dissemination of knowledge. 

Professor Kiyochi currently serves as a board director of Society for Promotion of Japanese Animation (SPJA).  SPJA is a parent organization of Anime Expo, the largest anime convention in North America.  Naturally, the first thing she does in her spare time is to watch anime, and she often attends popular culture conventions on anime, games and science fiction.  

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