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In-Class Videos 
2011 Quilted Northern Soft & Strong®_ 2 
Black Womyn Conversations...Leah on Gender, Race, Sexuality 
Blind Side True Story Featurette 
CNN Visits Clay County Kentucky - Voter Apathy_2 
Countdown Phase II of the Intelligence Report Released 
Egypt's Social Networking Revolution 
Explaining the Amish Way of Life - VOA Story 
FAIR GAME - Trailer 
Family Values Republican Resigns After Spanking Female Lobbyist 
Feminism Survey - Men on the Street 
FND Films - Golf Superfans 
Formal Operational Child 
How Cultures are Studied pt 1 
Japanese Relocation - U.S. Gov't Explanation 1942 (Japanese Internment Camps) 
Lecture of a Lifetime 
Mean Girls [Movie Trailer] 
Men's Responsibility - Ending Demand for Sex Trafficking 
Nickel and Dimed from The American Ruling Class! 
Object Permanence 2 
Piaget - Conservacoes 
Playing Unfair - The Media Image of the Female Athlete 
PSA #130 - Don't be like everyone 
Sexism, Strength and Dominance Masculinity in Disney Films 
Social Networking in Plain English 
The Asch Experiment 
The Monkey Business Illusion 
The Office - Prison Mike 
The Simpsons - What's A Gym 
Waging A Living 
We Need Campaign Finance Reform NOW - Cenk on MSNBC 
Who Are We - US General Social Survey 
Whole Brain Teaching - Kindergarten (Expanded!) 
Sudhir Venkatesh - Gang Leader For A Day 
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