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Humanities 4: Culture from 1700

The course provides a general introduction to the emergence and development of modernism, modernity, and modern culture from the 17th century to the present, with an emphasis on Western civilizations. Students query the distinctive qualities and transformations of the "modern" world by considering selected primary works in philosophy, history, literature, criticism, and the arts. Typical topics include the rise of rationalist, materialist, and empirical methods of knowing; the clash of traditional ideas and the new science; the quest for social, political, and economic liberty and justice; the conflict between individualism and collectivism; the tension between romantic and classical visions of humanity; the emergence and consequences of subjectivity; and the challenges of postmodern theory and practice. (Catalog Description)

Syllabus Humanities 4 Fall 2014.doc.pdfSyllabus Humanities 4 Fall 2014.doc.pdf


Hum 4 Midterm Study Guide Fall 2014.pdfHum 4 Midterm Study Guide Fall 2014.pdf

Humanities 4 Final Exam Study Guide Fall 2014.pdfHumanities 4 Final Exam Study Guide Fall 2014.pdf

Handouts, PowerPoints, Etc.

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