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Humanities 1: Intro to Humanities
Imagined Realities

This course introduces students to themes central to humanistic inquiry and to the methodologies employed by humanists to analyze artistic and written expressions that incorporate these themes. Students examine works of literature, art, architecture and philosophy chosen from a variety of historical periods and representative of distinctive approaches to the themes under discussion. (Catalog Description)
This semester we will be using the theme of “Imagined Realities: Civilization and the Individual” to consider how the products of human imagination both influence our “realities” and are influenced by the social, historical, and political contexts in which we live. In pursuing this theme we will analyze works of philosophy, history, literature, art, and film using the skills employed in the study of the humanities (e.g., defining terms, causal analysis, narrative analysis, image analysis, argument, and counterargument).


Study Guide for Final Exam Fall 2014.pdfStudy Guide for Final Exam Fall 2014.pdf

Humanities 1 MW Syllabus.pdfHumanities 1 MW Syllabus.pdf (Monday/Wednesday)
Humanities 1 TTh Syllabus.pdfHumanities 1 TTh Syllabus.pdf (Tuesday/Thursday)
Humanities 1 Th Syllabus.pdfHumanities 1 Th Syllabus.pdf (Thursday Evening)

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