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Links to Other Psychology Related Websites

Psychological Societies and Organizations

IVC Psi Beta Website

Psi Beta

American Psychological Association

American Psychological Society

Western Psychological Association

Rocky Mountain Psychological Association

American Psychological Association of Graduate Students

Psi Chi


Societies and Organizations Related to Subdisciplines in Psychology

Animal Behavior

Animal Behavior Society

Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive Science Society

Clinical/Counseling Psychology

American Academy of Clinical Psychology

Association for the Advancement of Behavior Therapy

Counseling Psychology (A.P.A. Division 17)

Society of Clinical Psychology (A.P.A. Division 12)

Society of Consulting Psychology (A.P.A. Division 13)

Developmental Psychology and Psychology of Aging

Developmental Psychology (A.P.A. Division 7)

Society for Research in Child Development

Adult Development and Aging (A.P.A. Division 20)

Health Psychology and Related Issues

Health Psychology (A.P.A. Division 38)

Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center

Psychopharmacology and Substance Abuse (A.P.A. Division 28)

Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (A.P.A. Division 14)

Physiological Psychology

Cognitive Neuroscience Society

Society for Neuroscience

Psychology and the Law 

American Board of Forensic Psychology

American Psychology Law Society (A.P.A. Division 41)

Psychology and Religion

Psychology of Religion (A.P.A. Division 36)


Evaluation, Measurement, and Statistics (A.P.A. Division 5) 

Social and Personality Psychology

Society for Personality and Social Psychology (A.P.A. Division 8)

Social Psychology Network

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