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Human Genetics - Mitosis and Meiosis

Using the text and any other sources you choose, sketch the phases and sub-phases of

1.    mitosis

2.    meiosis

3.    meiosis with one single cross-over event

in a “typical” diploid animal cell.  Be sure to indicate (in the sketch) how any and all cellular components are changing during these phases.

So you will have three series.

☞    The cell has 1N = 2
☞    with one smaller acrocentric chromosome and one larger metacentric chromosome.
☞    Use 2 colors to distinguish the maternal and paternal chromosomes.
☞    If there are alternate outcomes (such as segregation in meiosis I) show both alternatives

★    include all subphases (specifically in prophase I)

    ▸    leptotene stage
    ▸    zygotene stage
    ▸    pachytene stage
    ▸    diplotene stage
    ▸    diakinesis
★    label each drawing
    ✓    each drawing has a title (phase or subphase)
    ✓    label each structure in every sketch, or at least every time it changes appearance
★    If you choose, you may magnify a component or structure to show important features, rather than magnify the entire sketch.  Be sure your labels are clear.

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