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Human Genetics and Society        HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT    WEEK I

Due the Friday of the second week of the semester, at 3 p.m.        5 points

A.  Find LSB 206.  Sign the sheet posted there.  This is Dr. Schmeidler’s office.  No excuses for not knowing where it is, now!!!!!

B.  Introduction to using the IVC web facilities as pertain to this class:

    1.  email Dr. Schmeidler your name, student ID, and what you want to be called (your nick name, if you like)

    2.  go to the discussion board in BlackBoard, read the Welcome message, anything else that has been posted, and “assignment 1".  Follow the instructions you find there.

    3.  explore Dr.  Schmeidler’s website.

C.  have fun.  smile.
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