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TYPE.  Handwritten (including "neatly printed") work will not be read.  If you have not started to use computers yet, this is a good time.  You may use single or double space according to your preference.  You may use both sides of the sheet if you wish to conserve paper, or email.

SPELL CHECK:   I should not be the first person to read your work! You should always edit and revise.  But at the very least, let the computer help out & catch the glaring errors!!

NO COVER SHEETS.  A heading including your name, the date (the date turned in!), class, and some indication of the assignment (e.g. "coin toss assignment 1" or "exam 3 questions") at the top of the [first] page is sufficient.  
 For example: 

(for pre-exam questions write “multiple choice questions for exam #”)     

HAND IN WORK ON TIME.  If you miss class, deliver, or have assignments delivered to the box outside my office, or to my mailbox As Soon As Possible

The usual writing style in science is that we rarely (if ever) use a journal-type style.  That is, explain and discuss the information directly.  Avoid discussing yourself or the author(s) of any item you read.  Discuss yourself, your thoughts, feelings, etc., or those of any authors, only when that information is particularly salient, and ONLY AFTER having already explained the pertinent information.​

E-MAIL or any electonic medium is also an acceptable medium for any homework assignment.  Remember to  spell-check & edit this work as well.  Standards are not lowered because the medium has changed. For email: use a subject line and a doc. title that make sense, either yourinitials- or  yourlastname-humgen-date, e.g. schmeidler-humgen-ass1-040120 (for April Fool’s Day, 2020) or schmeidler-HG-ass1-040120 or schmeidler-bio72-ass1-040120.  It is especially important that any attached docs should have sensible names including your name or initials to distinguish your assignment 3 from everyone else’s assignments !        

CITATIONS:  always use a proper [acceptable in science; not MLA ] format - see web page for guidance

Due by 8am every Tuesday except exam weeks [2 points toward quiz]:

3 multiple choice (MC) questions about the reading assignment material, posted to BB in the appropriate discussion thread. 1 point for having done it, one point for having questions from more than one module.  You may not repeat any question already posted, so be sure to look (and posting early is advisable).
Each question must have 5 possible answers, a-e.  The correct answer must be indicated by placing a symbol by the correct response.  See posted prior exams for format examples.   ** if you see an incorrect answer, reply to the post **

MC questions can be categorized e.g. (for this class’ purposes)
1. “simple”: “factoid”, definition, fill-in blank        2.  “medium”: between 1 & 3 (easy #3 or very hard #1)
3. “complex”: more than one bit of information needed, might be a comparison or if/then for example
4. “synthetic”: complex + uses information from more than one source, e.g. 2 lectures or reading + lecture

For this homework, focus on categories 1-3; number the questions by category.  Thus, your questions might be numbered 3-1-1 or 1-2-2, etc.  The sum of your categories must be at least 5 (as shown here).  1-1-1 or 1-1-2 are insufficient.

EXTRA CREDIT:    Due by 8am Tuesday before each exam for possible use on the exam

 3 multiple choice questions regarding each topic covered by the exam as posted before each exam.  Each topic cluster MUST include at least one category 4 question; try to avoid category 1 questions. 
1 point for each group of 3 multiple choice questions

You may work on these assignments in your study groups, but each student is responsible, individually, for completing each assignment.  If they are handed in jointly, all names MUST appear on the assignment, and there MUST be a commensurate multiple of the assigned questions ( e.g. if two people work together => 6 multiple choice questions per module/topic).  If you do work together, acknowledge it openly and honestly; there is no “downside”.


-- or they will be returned unread --
This includes any other work assigned to be written outside class

BE SURE TO USE CORRECT CITATION FORMAT (when citing sources is necessary)

-- to avoid embarrassment
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