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Human Genetics - BIOL 72 - Extra Credit:                 Due May 1, 2012
            up to 10 points per presentation, 30 points total, maximum, possible

Attend [ some part of] the Experimental Biology Annual Meeting in San Diego, April 21 - 25, 2012.  Look up the program before you go, to plan your time.
Admission is free with a student I.D.

Visit at least 3 different presentations, falling into at least two of the following categories.  For each write ~ a paragraph describing the presentation, explaining what you learned, and at least a sentence or two of your own personal reaction to it.  Finish with a short paragraph describing your reaction to the entire experience.   Possible presentation categories include:
1.    scientific poster
2.    scientific session (talks)
3.    major talk (keynote)
4.    exhibitor booth at which you ask questions of the exhibitor about their product and its relevance to your studies
5.    public policy session

Alternative Assignment in lieu of attending the meeting

Look at the meeting program, and find 3 separate, different sessions (talks, poster sessions, oral presentation sessions, etc) related to human genetics that you might imagine attending.  For each:

    Find an original research paper and a related review article about the topic of that talk or session, and CLEAR IT WITH DR. SCHMEIDLER.

Write a paper, at least 3 pages, that
    •    summarizes the topic - be sure that you discuss the topic, not the authors nor the researchers
    •    analyzes the work
    •    state what you think the next step in the project should be
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