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College Opportunity Commitment:
Accepting the College Completion Challenge

A Call to Action

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In recognition of the central role that Irvine Valley College has in meeting the educational and training needs in our community and, more broadly, in contributing to an educated citizenry and a competitive workforce, we pledge to do our part to increase the number of Americans with high quality postsecondary degrees and certifications to fulfill critical local, state, and national goals. With the “completion agenda” as a national imperative, Irvine Valley College has an obligation to meet the challenge while holding firmly to traditional values of access, opportunity, and quality.



  • We believe the student success and completion agenda is the  future of Irvine Valley College.
  • We believe that completion matters and that every student counts.
  • We believe in every student’s potential and responsibility to succeed—and that an engaged student is more likely to persist in college.
  • We believe in the open door to education and that Irvine Valley College must support student success.
  • We believe that community colleges are the gateways for all students.
  • We believe that community colleges are an invaluable economic engine driving the nation toward renewed and sustained economic prosperity.
  • We believe that Irvine Valley College is ready to take on leadership roles to increase student success and college completion. 
  • We believe in an institutional culture that emphasizes access and success.


  • We commit to open dialogue about diversity, equity, and evidence of student success and institutional performance.
  • We commit, while increasing success rates for all students, to reducing the attainment gaps that separate student groups on the basis of race, ethnicity, and income.
  • We commit to continue making positive changes in the interest of student success and college completion.
  • We commit to promoting faculty and staff development to improve educational practice.
  • We commit to providing development opportunities for the college community to build and sustain leadership for student success.


  • We ask every member of the college community to examine current practices, to identify ways to help students understand the added value of degrees and certifications, and to help them progress toward their goals.
  • We ask all students to help each other succeed.
  • We ask the community to support and work with the college community to help more students succeed.
  • We ask elected officials to create the policy conditions that enable, support, and reward Irvine Valley College’s efforts to strengthen student success.
  • We ask other community colleges to share in this commitment and call to action.
Glenn R. Roquemore, PhD
Irvine Valley College President

Sandy Jefferies
Office of the President, Manager

T: 949-451-5210
O: A100 Building

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