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Committee and Task Force Representatives

Classified Senate Committees

Classified FundraisingConnie Frey
Classified FundraisingDesiree Ortiz
Classified FundraisingErika Arendts
Classified FundraisingJeanette Murillo
Classified FundraisingKarina Rodriguez
Classified FundraisingKristy Tibbo
Classified FundraisingTeresa Slaughter Chevalier
Classified FundraisingToni Fuentes
Classified NominatingAlice Griffin
Classified NominatingDean LeBeau
Classified NominatingJeanette Murillo
Classified Professional DevelopmentAngela Orozco Mahaney
Classified Professional DevelopmentCaitlin Fuller
Classified Professional DevelopmentDesiree Ortiz
Classified Professional DevelopmentGraciela Monter
Classified Professional DevelopmentJulie Scholl
Classified Professional DevelopmentLisseth Murillo
Classified Professional DevelopmentMarina Munoz
Classified Professional DevelopmentNathan Quach
Classified Professional DevelopmentPolly Sundeen
Classified Professional DevelopmentTeresa Slaughter Chevalier
Classified Scholarship SelectionBeth Sanchez
Classified Scholarship SelectionConnie Frey
Classified Scholarship SelectionDesiree Ortiz
Classified Scholarship SelectionKaye McDonald
Classified Scholarship SelectionMark Petersen
Classified Scholarship SelectionToni Fuentes
Classified WelcomeBruce Feinstein
Classified WelcomeCaitlin Fuller
Classified WelcomeDean LeBeau
Classified WelcomeNathan Quach

​District Committees

Basic Aid Allocations Committee (BAARC)TBD
District Academic CalendarTBD
District Board Policy and Administrative Regulations Committee (BPARC)TBD
District Board Policy and Administrative Regulations Committee (BPARC)TBD
District-wide Planning CouncilTBD
District-wide Staff Development DayTBD
District-wide Staff Development DayTBD
District-wide Technology CommitteeTBD

​IVC Strategic Planning Committees

IVC Academic Planning and Technology Committee (APTC)TBD
IVC Budget Development and Resource Planning Committee (BDRPC)TBD
IVC Environmental leadership CommitteeTBD
IVC Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC)TBD
IVC Student Success/Access/Matriculation/Marketing/Outreach (SSAMMO)TBD

​IVC Task Forces

IVC BookstoreTBD
IVC CafeteriaTBD
IVC Commencement SpeakerTBD
IVC Commencement SpeakerTBD
IVC Commencement SpeakerTBD
IVC Scholarship SelectionTBD
IVC Teacher of the YearTBD