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 Wouldn't you like to take your math classes in the warmth of your own house?

computerThe following math classes are offered online:

  • Math 350 A-H Modules
  • Math 351: Prealgebra
  • Math 353: Elementary Algebra
  • Math 253: Intermediate Algebra
  • Math 10: Introductory Statistics

Online classes are NOT for every student.  To succeed in an online class, a student

  • should not find math a difficult subject
  • should be able to use a computer effectively and efficiently
  • must have access to a computer with high-speed internet connection
  • should be able to devote a set number of hours per week to do the course work on a regular basis (at least 2 hours per week for each course unit)
  • must be able to work independently
  • must be self motivated
  • must be able to do course work without the help of an instructor
  • should not have the tendency to procrastinate

If you meet all of the above requirements, you might be a good candidate to take an online class.  Otherwise, taking a traditional class would be better for you.

Math 350 A-H Modules: This class uses Blackboard and runs entirely online when offered. There is no additional purchase for books or access code is necessary to finish Math 350. Please access the Basic Math Modules page to get information about logging in and orientation. Information provided in the rest of the page does not apply to Math 350 modules.  Currently the instructor for this class is Prof. Erbas-White (

Math 10 Online: Some instructors teaching this class use  CourseCompass (MyMathLab), others use ALEKS.  You will be required to purchase an access code (bookstore or online) WHen taking this class.  Make sure to check which of the two your instructor is using before buying the access code.  If you enroll in a class using MyMathLab, please refer to the publisher recommended technical guidelines before you sign up for this class.  Currently these classes have 3 mandatory in-person meetings.  The instructor for the class will provide the appropriate information about these meetings.

Other online Math classes:  All other classes use ALEKS.  The access code can be bought as part of a bundle with the textbook or by itself (bookstore).  The access code for ALEKS 360 gives students access to the eBook.  These courses have three in-person meetings:

1) Orientation (in person or online depending upon your instructor).  Check IVC DE page ( to get more information on a specific class.

2) Midterm exam (mandatory in-person): given about half-way in the semester or summer session. The exact date is determined by your instructor.  Personal identification is required on the day of the test.

3) Final exam (mandatory in-person): given at the end of the semester or summer session. The exact date is determined by your instructor.   Personal identification is required on the day of the test.

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