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Student Technical Support
Blackboard Technical Support Options
  • Blackboard Assessment Lockouts When Taking Exams
    • Tips On How To Prevent Lockouts When Taking Exams In Blackboard: 

      If you are locked out of an exam, contact your instructor to request that your test attempt be cleared so that you can retake it.

  • Contact Student Technical Support
  • Getting Started (Student Services)
  • Help with Blackboard - Computer Minimum Requirements, Browsers, and Plugins
    • ​Browser and Plugins Check

      Supported Browsers, Operating Systems, and Plugins


      Mobile devices DO NOT show all course information. You MUST log into Blackboard using a regular computer to verify you see all course materials, and for taking tests.

      *** Do not use mobile devices for tests! ***

      Additional Software:

      Most courses will not require you to download additional software. If you need Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, & OneNote, use the Microsoft Live@Edu services, via the College Email system.

  • Help with Blackboard Basics - Getting Started?
  • Help with Connecting to the On-Campus Wireless?
    • If you have a wireless-enabled computer, PDA, or Smart Phone, you can access the Internet from most locations on campus.

      Your username is the first part of your student email account. 
      For example, a student email account - would enter the wireless login username jsmith12 and and password to login when prompted on the Network Authentication page.

      Pay careful attention to the user agreement as well as the login instructions. Be aware that you will be accessing an unsecure and unencrypted wireless network. Only casual internet browsing is recommended. Any personal or financial transactions should be done in a secure and encrypted manner not provided by this network. 

      Board Policy:

      It is the policy of this District to restrict access to and use of the electronic/digital information network to students and staff for appropriate academic, professional and institutional purposes. Use of the District's electronic/digital information network for other purposes is not authorized and will constitute grounds for revocation of user privileges.


      For additional information:

  • Help with Online Classes?
    • To access your online course, login to Blackboard at

      Attention New/Returning Students:

      Login into MySite BEFORE you access your student e-mail & Blackboard to create your new password. Your username and password will enable you to log into all of the following College Accounts:
      • Email
      • MySite
      • Blackboard
      • Library Databases
      • College Computers
      You will only need to do this ONCE.
      Go to MySite and activate your password. For MySite log-in information, see the Student Login FAQ.
      Check your IVC email for any notices from your instructors. You can access your email account through the “My Email” link in MySite.
      Blackboard Course Availability:

      You will not see your course listed in Blackboard until your instructor makes it available. Typically, this will be several days before or on the day the course begins. If your course is not available in Blackboard by the first day of the course, contact your instructor to verify when the course will be made available to students. You can email your instructor by clicking on the "email" button next to his/her name in the Class Schedule
      You will receive an email from your instructor prior to or on the first day of class. This email will often include important information on how to get started in the class.  
      Additional Support | Tutorials:
      If you are unable to log into Blackboard on the first day of class, your may Reset your Password.
      See How to Login to Blackboard for directions.

  • Help with Printing On-Campus?
    • Printing is available in the IVC Library, the Student Success Center, and all student labs.

      Prices for printing and photocopying are posted on or near the equipment.
      Payment Method: To print, you must purchase a "print/copy card" from one of the card dispensing machines in the Library or computer labs. The "initial" purchase of the copy card has to be made with a one dollar bill. After the initial purchase, the copy card can be "refreshed" with one, or five dollar bills and/or change. Credit or debit cards are not accepted.


  • Help with Registration?
  • Help with Taking Exams in Blackboard?
    • 1.  Ensure that the computer you use is free of viruses, spyware, and pop-ups. For a description and more information about this topic:

      2.  You need to be using one of the following web browsers officially supported by Blackboard.
      3.  If using Internet Explorer in Windows make Blackboard ( a trusted site by selecting Internet Options (under tools/Internet Options/Security/Sites/add).
      4.  Disable your pop-up blocker and add Blackboard at ( to the list of sites allowed to display popups. (Select Tools/Internet Options/Privacy/Allow (type in
      5.  Do not use wireless or dial-up connections if possible when taking exams; a broadband or DSL connection is the best. Wireless networks have a tendency to momentarily go offline and this will cause your exam to close down.  If you are using a dial-up connection to access the Internet, disable call waiting. If you are using the same phone line to dial up to the internet as you use for your voice calls, please ask everyone with access to the phone to refrain from picking up the phone as this could disconnect you from the internet.
      6.  Make sure you have enough time to finish the exam in one sitting because you will not be allowed to save and return to the exam. 
      7.  Have a clock nearby, as the exam may be timed. Blackboard will give you a warning when you have one minute remaining, but it will not stop the test once the time has elapsed. You are responsible for finishing up within the allocated time. 
      During the exam:
      1.  IMPORTANT: Do not use the back or refresh buttons in your browser. If you do so, your exam will be closed and you will not be able to re-enter.
      2.  When using a mouse with a scroll wheel, be careful when scrolling. First, click a blank area on the assessment, and then use the scroll wheel. Otherwise, you risk changing your answers.
      3.  Click the “save” button every 20 minutes or so to ensure you’re still connected to the Internet. Please do not click the save button any more than every 20 minutes as this could cause Blackboard to run slow for   everyone.
      4.  When you finish the exam, click the “submit” button one time only and wait. You will receive a confirmation screen when it has been successfully submitted.
      After completing the exam:
      •  Click the Grade button from the main menu to ensure that your exam was successfully submitted. You should see a green exclamation point “!”. If so this means the exam was submitted.
      •  If you see a notepad and pencil icon in the grade book, then your test was not successfully submitted. You will need to contact your instructor ASAP to see if your results were saved or if you need to retake the exam.
      Additional Online Exam Help Resources:

  • Help with your College provided Student Email Account?
  • Help with your username or Password/PIN?
    • To log onto Email, Blackboard, Student Wifi or Campus Computers, you need to activate your College Account.

      Login to MySite using your Student ID Number and PIN. Your Student ID Number is emailed to your email address that you provided during registration. It had the subject line - “Irvine Valley College – Permit to Register.” Your 4-digit PIN is what you created during the application process.


      1 - Navigate to Change PIN/Password Option (on left hand navigation bar)

      2 - Click Link Change Password

      3 - Enter your student PIN and create a new password (Must be between 6 and 16 characters, contain at least one number and is case-sensitive)

      Forgot Your PIN?

      Differences of your Password/Pin illustrated below:
      MySite (option 1)
      Student Number
      Your PIN
      MySite (option 2)
      Your Password
      College Email Account
      Your Password
      Your Password
      Campus Computers
      Your Password
      Campus Wireless Network
      Your Password

      Additional Support | View our Tutorials:

      How To Reset Your Password (Video)

      How To Reset Your PIN (Video)

      How to Reset your PIN (Step-by-Step)

  • I do not see my class when I log into Blackboard?
    • There are a few common reasons that this can happen:

      1. Your instructor may not be using Blackboard, please consult your instructor asap in person and/or via email if you think that your instructor is using Blackboard.
      2. If a student has been inactive in class by not attending, the instructor may have dropped the student from class resulting in the class not showing in Blackboard.
      3. Check the classes start date in the class schedule because some classes do not start until the second eight weeks or at another time.

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