IVC Showcases at 14th Annual HTCC Student Research Conference at UCI   

On Saturday, April 5, 2014, Irvine Valley College was strongly represented at the 14th Annual HTCC Student Research Conference held at the University of California, Irvine. This multidisciplinary conference, sponsored by UCI and the Honors Transfer Council of California, showcases outstanding faculty-mentored research by students from California community colleges, with a focus on honors students. IVC’s group of 30 presenters was the largest at the conference, which featured over 300 student presenters from 31 colleges. IVC students presented in diverse areas including biology, economics, engineering, history, mathematics, physics, political science, psychology, and sociology.

IVC students took home some of the conference’s top awards. Honors Program student Den Mark Marcelo received the third-place Humanities/ Social Sciences Research Poster Award and $100 for his poster entitled “Food Consumption Attitude: An Analysis of Gender Differences on Food Attitudes.” The project grew out of an assignment in Professor Chris Loeffler’s Honors Anthropology 1 class. Marcelo also won an HTCC Outstanding Abstract Award worth $500 for his oral presentation entitled “Ask Your Doctor About Our Product: The Impact of Direct-to-Consumer Pharmaceutical Advertising on Public Health and Safety,” a project mentored by Professor Lewis Long. Another of the conference’s five Outstanding Abstract Awards went to Honors Program member Rahil Hamza for her presentation on “The Real Walking Dead: Physiological and Psychological Effects of Haitian Zombification Practices,” mentored by Professor Kurt Meyer. 


Congratulations to all of the IVC HTCC presenters on their great research!
Cameron Abrams:  Growth Spurts of Economic Inequality: A Cross-Atlantic Comparison of the United Kingdom and the United States (mentor: Joon Kil)
Kelly Adams:  From Domestic Fiction to Contemporary Romance: Women and Marriage in America (Mentor: Brittany Adams)
Khwaja Ahmed:  Charity Isn't Free (Mentor: Brittany Adams)
Omeed Aman:  Numerical Methods in Multi-body Gravitational Simulations (Mentor: Lan Pham)
Wyeth Binder:  From Amidst the Ruins: The Republic of Georgia’s Economic Revival  (Mentor: Mark McNeil)
Danica Drezner:  A Youth in Decline: Generation Limbo (Mentor: Ken Woodward, Saddleback)
Kaitlan Elizondo:  Retrofitting L.A. County’s Historic Bridges: Restoring Safety, Preserving History (Mentor: Ilknur Erbas-White)
Dima Estwani:  I Love to Read: Engaging Children through Dialogic Reading (Mentor: Marie Connors)
Richard Faulkner:  Drink Up: The Relative Effectiveness of Various Water Purification Methods (Mentor: Priscilla Ross)




Sahar Ghorany  and Noël Hong:  Mindset and Connectedness to Campus:  A Psi Beta Study (Mentor: Jerry Rudmann, Michael Cassens)
John Greiner:  The Economic Impact of Hosting The Summer Olympic Games (Mentor: Joon Kil)
Syeda Jafari:  Advertising, Sex and Love (Mentor: Lewis Long)
Niloufar Hosseini Jafari, Thien Nguyen, and Sophie Mako Tanaka:  The Impact of Restricted Environmental Stimuli Therapy Tanks on Cognitive Processes (Mentor: Michael Cassens)
Jessica Miyuki McCoy:  Investigating and Improving Drainage Plans in Areas Vulnerable to Landslides (Mentor: Ilknur Erbas-White)
Mehdi Mouden:  Power of the People: The Effect of Public Support on Bush and Blair in the Invasion of Iraq (Mentor: Joon Kil)
Juan Prado and Christopher Rodriguez:  Psi Beta National Project 2013-2014 (Mentor: Jerry Rudmann, Michael Cassens)
Bahareh Sorouri:  Regulation of mTOR pathway by Vitamin D in non-melanoma skin cancer tissue (Mentor: Emalee Mackenzie)
Harmonie Strohl:  The Effects of Alcohol and Drug Use on College Performance (Mentor: Michael Cassens)
Harmonie Strohl:  The Sound of Silence: Can We Save Classical Music? (Mentor: Kay Ryals)
Sadaf Tabatabai:  Solving the STEM Problem: Why Women Don’t Enter STEM Fields and How to Attract Them (Mentor: Lewis Long)
Catalina Tam:  Strangers in the Business World: The Lack of Opportunity for Women (Mentor: Marie Connors)
Sophie Tanaka:  Is It Better to Express Anger or to Hold It in? (Mentor: Michael Cassens)
Hunter Thomas:  Inclusion of Trap Creation Model for Non-Linear Charge Trapping in Highly Insulating Materials for Spacecraft Applications (Mentor: Alec Sim)
Milena Tintcheva:  3D Printing of Medical Prosthetics (Mentor: Ilknur Erbas-White)
Jennifer Uhlman:  Dark Humor as a Function of Mindset (Mentor: Jerry Rudmann, Michael Cassens)


Christie Yamasaki:  Saying Doesn’t Make It So…Or Does it?: The Negative Effects Caused by the Myth that “Boys are Better than Girls at Math” (Mentor: Michael Cassens)


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Posted 4/8/2014
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