State championship teams honored by Irvine City Council   

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Athletic-Coaches-with-IVC-President.jpgIrvine Valley's state championship winning women's golf, men's volleyball and women's badminton teams along with the college's national championship winning debate squad were all honored by the Irvine City Council on Monday at City Hall in Irvine. 

Several members of each team along with women's golf coach Ben Burnett, men's volleyball coach Tom Pestolesi and women's badminton coach Martin McGrogan were on hand to be honored.

The teams were handed City of Irvine Commendations in a frame and took photos with the Irvine City Council, which included Irvine Mayor Sukhee Kang.

The three teams helped make it a banner year for Irvine Valley athletics. It was the first time in school history that the athletic department had three state championship winning teams in one season.

It was also the first time in state history that a non-football school won three state team championships.​

Posted by  Nathan Quach  on  1/27/2011
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