COSMIC SEDUCTION: The Art of Daniel du Plessis

Rose Fire

All those burning hearts
2009, Oil on panel, 14 x 11"
Image courtesy of the artist

Irvine Valley College Art Gallery is proud to announce COSMIC SEDUCTION: The Art of Daniel du Plessis from September 1-October 14, 2011. An opening reception with the artist will be held on September 1 from 6 to 8 p.m., with an artist talk at 7 p.m.


Investigations into the universe and how we understand ourselves within this vastness continues to occupy the hearts and minds of great scientists, writers and visual artists. South African born artist Daniel du Plessis is a mixed media artist whose work is an exploration of both the cosmic and the earthbound.

Inspiration struck for du Plessis in the form of a photographic image of the Butterfly Nebula taken by the Hubble telescope. The photograph revealed what appeared to be dainty butterfly wings that are actually rolling cauldrons of heated gas tearing across space fast enough to travel from the earth to the moon in minutes. A dying star, unleashing a violent torrent as its final act is translated into many of the themes of du Plessis' work such as: time, transformation, rebirth, danger, and beauty.

September 1-October 14, 2011
Opening Reception
September 1, 2011 6:00-8:00pm,
Artist Talk,7:00pm.

Du Plessis resides in Southern California, where he continues to paint showing his work in the U.S. and South Africa. For more information on Daniel du Plessis click here


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