IVC Launches 2nd Outdoor Sculpture Project

BOSI Artist Sculpture

Pictured: Irvine Valley College students check out Balance by artist C. J. Rench, part of the IVC Biennial Outdoor sculpture project.

The second Biennial Outdoor Sculpture Invitational (BOSI) Project installation was held at Irvine Valley College on May 5. Students and staff were invited to view the installation of the artwork throughout the day and join in a meet-the-artist reception at 3:30 p.m. The BOSI program was initiated by IVC as a vehicle to bring new sculptural works by professional and emerging artists onto the campus in an effort to promote art; enhance the educational experience for its students; and enrich the working environment for administration, faculty, and staff. Conceived in 2007-08, funded in 2008-09 and currently in its second cycle, the BOSI Project provides for the 24-month lease of five awarded works of sculpture. While the BOSI Project ensures that each work will remain on the IVC campus for a two-year ¬period, it also provides an opportunity for the purchase of some of these works as additions to IVC's emerging permanent collection.

In May 2010, two of the 2008-09 leased BOSI works were purchased: "Compression" by Esmoreit Koetsier and "Elements in Motion" by Jon Seeman, which was purchased and graciously donated to the institution by the Associated Students of Irvine Valley College (ASVIC). The five new works will be on loan for the next two years: "An Incomplete Life," Jud Bergeron; "Monument to the Ordinary (Stacks)," Michael Johnson; "Balance," C. J. Rench; "It's Not about the Scrolls," Jason E. Butler; and "The Column," Nicky Falkenhayn.

"IVC is delighted to continue this ambitious fine arts building program that will transform the entire campus," said Dr. Lisa Davis Allen, IVC Art History Professor and Art Department Chair.  "We envision a campus that acts as an open environment for creative investigations and the resulting aesthetic works.  It is out of this dedication to the visual arts that the BOSI Project originated." 

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